Swedish, Deep Tissue, Ayurvedic massage in the SF Bay Area


Bodywork is a conversation, not a lecture. With a combination of presence and pressure, both mind and body achieve the deep relaxation necessarily to shift underlying patterns and tensions.

Encountering a state of deep relaxation gives us the opportunity to approach life, work, family, and the art of being embodied in new ways.

According to Ayurveda, the skin and the mind are connected (and, in fact, both are formed from the same layer as embryos). Warmed medicated oils are digested through the skin, affecting the deeper tissues of the body as well as the mind. 


Bodywork Modalities: Swedish, deep-tissue, pre- and postnatal, injury and chronic pain support

50-minutes: $85

75-minutes: $125

90-minutes: $150

Ayurvedic treatments for Ayurveda clients:

Abhyanga (traditional medicated oil massage): $125

Shiro Abhyanga (medicated oil massage on the head): $50

Shirodhara (warm medicated oil drip on the forehead; available at Walnut Creek location only): $108