Imagine you had a Lemonade Stand...

Photo by David Good/Hemera / Getty Images
Photo by David Good/Hemera / Getty Images

Every valuation spreadsheet contains five tabs: Summary, Use of Funds, Forecast, Budget, Assumptions.

If Jill gets a deal on bulk sugar, wants to hire a friend to help, or increase her share in the business, those numbers are changed under Assumptions, allowing stakeholders to make well-considered decisions, evaluating risks and benefits.

chris is the coolest, i wish he could make spreadsheets for me all day long. naked.
— his wife

About Me

HI, MY NAME IS chris

And I help companies make calculated decisions and understand their value.

I have served as Development Director for LDJ Capital, co-founded a successful Venture Capital company (Transglobal Ventures), contributed valuations and development strategies to numerous start-ups, and had a previous career as an international music producer. I received an MBA in Finance from NYIT and a BA, Economics from UC Berkeley.

I once had dinner with William Shatner and played guitar at Berlin Stadium for the opening act for Michael Jackson's History Tour. 

But mostly, I focus on the numbers.