You’d describe yourself as a simple person, but your health records are heavier than a dictionary. Or maybe you just want some privacy, personalization, guidance and support implementing diet and lifestyle changes designed just for you.


Individualized sessions may include:

  • Understanding the connection between food, digestion, and disease management

  • Learning the role of the mind in managing pain and inflammation

  • Herbal medicine recommendations

  • Instruction on self-massage and body treatments

  • Stress reduction practices

  • Recipes and guidance on Ayurvedic eating

  • Specialized body therapies, including massage (if local to the SF Bay area)


I work with people for a minimum of two months. This time allows us to fully explore your personal ecosystem, implement changes, adjust, grow, wash, rinse, repeat.

We meet virtually or in-person twice monthly, with phone/text/email support in-between.



I only accept a small number of private consultation clients. Please contact me to schedule a conversation to learn more about each other.